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Fleek AI - Artist User Guide
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First Time Setup

You will receive a special invite email from us to use your approved email address to register for your Fleek AI account.

Once you login, click on the top right hamburger menu and go to the Basics page.

Complete all your basic information and save it.

Click on the Booking Settings page.

Enter the Booking Link you want to send your leads to when they’re ready to book. If you don’t have one or prefer to book by messaging them, please leave this blank.

Enter all services that apply to you and fill in the Service Name field exactly as it appears on your booking page so the client knows which service to book. Save your changes.

Return to the Basics page and copy the Shareable Link URL. This is the link you will share on your website, social, etc. to have your clients go through the Fleek AI Consultation and they will appear in your Client Portfolio.

What happens next?

Client Portfolio

When you login, your main home page is the Client Portfolio dashboard, where you can see all leads and clients.

You can sort them based on what stage of the funnel they’re in by clicking on the tags.

  • Lead - They submitted their contact info and selfie

  • Ready - They completed the questionnaire and is waiting for their brow design

  • Manifest - Their brow manifests are ready, they are texted a link to see them (after becoming Ready, the client will receive their Manifest within 24 hours)

  • Paid - They paid for their consultation fee and have access to all brow designs

  • Chosen - They chose their dream brows, is qualified and ready to book.

  • Contraindication - They are not qualified because they have a contraindication. You can see the reason in their Client page.

  • Custom - They want to see more designs.

Client Profile

If you click in to a client’s profile, you can see their before picture, and all of their manifests.

You can also see their preferences.

Their timeline shows you how they’re progressing in the funnel.

Here you can see any messages with this client.

There are three colors of messages:

Blue messages are sent by you

Yellow messages are sent by Fleek

Grey messages are sent by the client, these will also be on the left side of the box.


Fleek AI automatically texts the client when they get to the Manifest, Chosen, Contraindication, and Custom stages.

  • Manifest - We text them a link to see their brow manifests

  • Chosen - We text them instructions to book the service they selected

  • Contraindication - We text them to let them know you might contact them if you can work around their contraindication.

  • Custom - We start a conversation to understand what changes they’d like to see

Website Widget

Follow this guide to learn how to add the Fleek AI consultation widget to your website.

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